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Antique & Retro Appliances for the Modern Home In Clinton County, IL

Shopping for new appliances? Doing a kitchen remodel? Step up your style with antique appliances from Brefeld Plumbing. Brefeld is an authorized dealer of Elmira Stove Works Antique 1890s Appliances and Northstar 1950s Appliances. An antique appliance is formed out of heavy gauge steel and finished with powder coating and optional copper and nickel accents. Read more below about our excellent selection of antique and retro appliances or contact our staff for answers to your questions.

Elmira Stove Works 1890s Antique Appliances in Clinton County, IL

Homeowners all over are looking to remodel their kitchens with new appliances, countertops, and more. When it comes to appliances, antique appliances are gaining popularity as many homeowners are trying to achieve that ‘homey’ feel while retaining a sense of style and individuality. For this, there’s no better choice than Elmira Stove Works for a wide selection of 1890s-style appliances that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Available 1890s Antique Appliances

Antique Appliance Features & Specs

Questions? Click here to find more information or create your dream kitchen with antique appliances.

northstar retro appliances trenton il

Northstar 1950s Retro Appliances for Homes in Clinton County, IL

Are you obsessed with retro style? Trying to create the comforting feel of your parents or grandparents house? Northstar 1950s-style retro appliances could be the answer you’re looking for to achieve the perfect throwback style for your kitchen. From remodeling projects to simple appliance replacements, people all over are choosing retro-style appliances for their appeal and durability. They’re constructed of high-grade steel and finished with tough, automotive-style powder-coat paint that will stand the test of time.

Available 1950's Retro Appliances

Northstar Retro Appliance Features & Specs

Questions? Click here to find more information or create your dream kitchen with retro appliances.