Northstar appliances offer the ideal blend of form plus funstion : soft lines, rounded corners and refreshing colors, along with the premium performance you’d expect from the most modern appliances.  Explore the many styles, colors and options available to create the perfect kitchen for your home, cottage or beach house.


Northstar offers a choice of six refrigerator models available in four  not-so-standard colors, or have them custom-colored to your own color choice.

Where you’ll be featuring your “Northstar” as a spectacular stand-alone bar or beverage fridge, or incorporating it into a full suite of appliances, you are sure to find a Northstar fridge to suit your needs, style and decor.

Model 1958/1959

Model 1950

Model 1952

Model 1951

Northstar BrewMaster

Beverage Refrigerators


Although they are truly beautiful, don’t let their looks fool you.  With high-out-put “Super-Burners,” self-cleaning ovens, programmable bake/clean and available true convections ovens and 2.0 cubic foot watmer drawers, Northstar ranges are the ultimate in performance and design.

Choose from all-electric smoothtop, all-gas or dual fuel (gas cooktop, electril oven).

Model 1954

Model 1955/1956

Colors include White, Textured Black, Buttercup Yellow, Mint green, Flamingo Pink, Quicksilver (Metallic), Candy Red, Bisque and Robin’s Egg Blue.

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